About us

Telepsychiatry Research and Innovation Network (TRIN) started its journey with the dream to touch the life of one billion people within 2025 by designing, developing and implementing innovative technology based mental services, providing evidence based holistic mental health care, conducting cutting edge impactful research and providing global platform for interdisciplinary research for mental health care.

Telepsychiatry Research and Innovation Network (TRIN) provides holistic evidence based and quality mental health services delivered by the brightest and sharpest professionals of the sectors. Moreover, we arrange regular workshops and training programs for people of different age groups and different professions to improve their personal wellbeing. We conduct cutting edge research on mental health and social dynamics with a strong team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Public Health Experts.

Our Mission and Goals

The goal of Telepsychiatry Research and Innovation Network (TRIN) is to enhance the quality of psychiatric care by providing: evidence based excellent psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy and counselling, training to health professionals, delivering psychiatric services and clinical research services.