A. Research Integrity Officer (RIO)

Integrity in research and scholarly, and creative activities is of TRIN’s paramount value.

Responsible Conduct of Research and the fundamental principles of Research Integrity – honesty, fairness, responsibility, and accountability are at the very essence of TRIN and crucial to society’s trust in science and research. The role of RIO will work within TRIN’s Research Department as a key member ensuring accurate and honest research endeavors.


The purpose of this position is to work with TRIN and the research oversight committees, as assigned, to ensure organizational compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to TRIN research and specifically in the areas of conflict of interest and research misconduct. This position facilitates research integrity by providing key role in the following areas:

  • Drafting and implementing appropriate policies and guidelines relating to research integrity, conflict of interest, and related areas.

  • Working with internal and external stakeholders to maximize compliance and efficiency.

  • Serving as an essential resource for research integrity and conflict of interest regulations and compliance.

  • Serving in the implementation of TRIN’s policies and procedures on research misconduct in conjunction with deciding official

  • Serving as a management representative on assignments for both internal and external agencies

Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Statistics/Applied Statistics/Psychology

  • 1-2 years of experience in either conducting research or in research regulatory related field and/or specific conflict of interest regulatory experience

  • Experience in research administration, regulatory compliance or, an equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Foundational knowledge of research administration principles and practices (nationally and internationally)

  • Proficient knowledge in government laws, regulations, and guidance relating to research and related areas

  • Advanced proficiency with electronic systems and software

  • Ability to operate and communicate effectively while meeting multiple deadlines and completing projects simultaneously

  • Ability to interact in a positive, productive manner with researchers, staff, and leadership (demonstrating sensitivity, tact, and professionalism)

  • Ability to effectively work both independently and in a team environment

  • Effective organizational abilities, oral and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills

  • Demonstrated leadership and formal/informal influence skills, including the ability to successfully drive projects to completion, formal/informal influence skills

Benefits: As per Company Policy

If you are interested, please mail us your CV at by 30th August, 2021.

B. Senior Research Officer

This role will work within TRIN’s Research Department as a team member providing professional expertise and skills in research methodology, research design, data collection, data analysis, and the interpretation and presentation of research and evaluation results to assist the TRIN Research Department achieve the strategic goals of the Research. The Senior Research Officer will also have the opportunity to take a significant lead in the development, management and reporting of TRIN approved research projects as agreed with by the Principal Investigator of the Research Project.

Key Responsibilities

1. With approval from the Principal Investigator, take a lead on the development, resourcing, implementation and completion of research and evaluation that meets the TRIN Research Operations Plan and strategic plan. This includes completing ethics applications; conducting data collection and data management; supervising Research Officers on tasks specific to a research project; advanced data analysis and interpretation; and reporting of results.

2. As directed by the Principal Investigator and where relevant to a research or evaluation project, learn and apply behavioral coding skills; screening, assessment and interviewing skills; and therapeutic interventions skills specific to a research project. This may also include delivering training and support to staff in these skills, and monitoring and measuring research intervention quality and fidelity.

3. Interpret research findings within the broader body of published literature, and provide practical recommendations that benefit client and organisational outcomes, giving consideration to principles of implementation science.

4. Develop a thorough understanding of relevant research areas using a variety of methods (e.g. library materials, Internet databases, discussion with subject matter experts, attending training and professional development).

5. Translate existing theoretical literature and empirical data into literature reviews, summary of the evidence, and organisational briefs. This could include reviews that inform the design of new research, models of practice and/or practice improvements.

6. Manage research and evaluation projects as designated by Principal Investigator, including design, planning, monitoring and regular, timely reporting on progress to the Manager - Research and other project staff.

7. Supervise Research Officers on tasks specific to a designated research project as directed by Manager - Research.

8. Consult and Collaborate with key stakeholders (both internally and externally) as required by the Manager - Research.

Qualifications Required:

1. Postgraduate qualifications in psychology, counselling, social work, behavioural sciences, health sciences or relevant field.

2. Demonstrated experience in designing and conducting research / evaluation projects in either a university, clinical or organisational setting.

3. Experience monitoring the quality and fidelity of research implementation.

Experience in applying screening, assessment and interviewing skills.

4. Demonstrated experience training and supervising other staff on research/evaluation projects.

Skills Required:

1. Ability to apply advanced quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques in statistical programs (e.g., SPSS).

2. Project management skills.

3. Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems and integrate knowledge from a range of sources and then synthesise information to develop an understanding of relevant theoretical and empirical concepts and fields of research.

4. Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal, especially in areas such as report writing, journal publications, conference presentations, and in the ability to translate theoretical, technical, and statistical concepts into accessible reports.

Benefits: As per company policy

Interested candidates are requested to send in their CV to by 30th of August, 2021

Office Administrator

We are looking for a reliable Office Administrator who will undertake administrative tasks, ensuring the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently.


1. Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

2. Excellent organizational and leadership skills

3. Familiarity with office management procedures and basic

accounting principles

4. Excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management



1. Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies

2. Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance

3. Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. for the upper management

4. Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)

5. Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures

6. Create and update records and databases with personnel, financial and other data

7. Track stocks of office supplies and place orders when necessary

8. Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned

Benefits: As per company policy

If you are interested, please mail us your CV at by 30th August, 2021.

Business Development Executive


  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline from any reputed University

  • Strong communication & analytical skills.

  • Able to work under pressure.

  • Proactive and can-do attitude.

  • Proficiency in MS-Office.


  • Attracting new clients by innovating and overseeing the sales process for the business

  • Working with senior team members to identify and manage company risks that might prevent growth

  • Identifying and researching opportunities that come up in new and existing markets

  • Preparing and delivering pitches and presentations to potential new clients

  • Combining efforts and fostering a collaborative environment within the business as a whole

  • Communicating with clients to understand their needs and offer solutions to their problems

  • Creating positive, long-lasting relationships with current and potential clients


As per company policy

Application Deadline : 30 Aug-21