Psychiatric Consultation

In a psychiatric consultation, a psychiatrist evaluates a patient’s psychiatric condition, taking into consideration various psychological, biological, and social factors. At the end of the consultation, the psychiatrist will provide a diagnosis followed by treatment recommendations. Seeking this type of consultation protects patients from the serious risks caused by a compromised mental state.

A psychiatric consultation can help you understand the sources of problems from three points of view: biological (i.e. heredity, hormones, nutrition, physical illness), psychological (i.e. current life stressors, childhood experiences), and social (i.e. cultural differences, family relationships, prejudice). It is this capacity to evaluate the causes of emotional distress from each of these perspectives that makes psychiatry unique. Many people find that a psychiatric consultation gives them a new perspective and hope for the future.

Since everyone we see is unique, every consultation is different. Your consultation will be based on your concerns and your needs.

Dr. Tanjir Rashid Soron

MBBS, MPH, MD (Psych), MSC (Global eHealth)

Chief Psychiatrist