Psychosexual Healthcare

We understand that it is often difficult to talk about intimate sexual problems. We aim to provide a warm and welcoming place where we can work with you in a confidential, sensitive and supportive way. Our team of Psychosexual Counsellor/Therapists with special training and experience are engaged in supporting people with sexual problems.

What happens in a Psychosexual Counselling?

Your first visit will be an opportunity for us to talk with you and also your partner if you wish. (It is often helpful to attend with your partner, but you can be seen on your own or joined later by your partner if you prefer.) We will listen to you and ask you some questions, so together we can begin to understand your concerns and discuss ways in which we may be able to help. There are no physical examinations; we will only ever talk with you. Sessions last up to 50 minutes. The frequency of sessions will be arranged with your therapist.